Girl Plays Softball with the Boys

Na'zirh & Amber

Na'zirh & Amber

Na'zirh M.

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Amber M. has been playing baseball since she was 5 years old. She has hung around boys all her life since she was very young. She has been playing for a very long time and she has put hard work and dedication into baseball.

At Fords Middle School we had baseball tryouts and softball tryouts. Amber tried out for the baseball team and she was very nervous. She thought she wasn’t going to make it on the team because the people who tried out were really good. She is the only person that plays in her house because she is an only child.

She plays every position and doesn’t complain about it. She just plays it as best as she can, to prove that she’s good enough to play baseball because it’s “supposed” to be a boy sport. She is happy that she is the only girl on the baseball team because she sticks out on the team and people will think she can’t play because she is a girl and she can prove them wrong. She has a college called Carn talking to her about possibly going there after high school. Her Mom and Dad played as a kid so they are big supporters and they are happy that she plays baseball.