Cheer Spirit

Some of Falcons cheerleaders at WHS!

Some of Falcons cheerleaders at WHS!

Ashlee C.

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Falcons cheer is what gives Fords Middle School Spirit. About 30 girls try out every year, but only like half of them are allowed to make it. Mrs. Fuerrvig and Ms.Fenenic are the cheer coaches for Fords Middle School.

The coaches, Mrs. Fuerrvig and Ms.Fenenic, came up with the idea of making a whole cheerleading team because they had missed cheerleading from their early lives. Mrs. Fuerrvig coached at Bishop Ahr and Ms. Fenenic used to coach at Colonia High School for 4 years. Together they have a lot of experience.

As a child, Ms. Fenenic loved to dance and take dance classes. She also loved glitter. Since she loved those specific things her and Mrs. Fuerrvig decided to make a cheer team for the school.

The FMS cheer team started 4 years ago which was in about September 2014. The coaches usually choose 15 cheerleaders every year to be on the team but this year they chose one extra girl because they had one extra uniform. Unfortunately, they haven’t had any boys try out for the team, but if a boy was interested they would love to have them on the team!

They picked the new cheer team this year by setting up an interest meeting to see if the girls will be interested then they had the actual tryouts. Everyone was very excited and nervous to try out.

Ms. Fenenic said they usually have practice 2 days a week. She usually checks in with the team to see which days they are free. They have the practices wherever there is space like in the gym, cafeteria, or the library. Then they perform at the basketball games to get that school spirit and hype started!

Everyone has something that they look forward to while being on the team. Ms.Fenenic really looks forward to going to a stunt clinic with the whole team and she would hope for the team to perform the routine.