Student Council

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Student Council

Christine L.

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In Fords Middle School, there are many ways that our students can be active within the school. Luckily there’s a whole club dedicated to that! It’s called the Student Council, and you can join too! As a member of the student council, you have the privilege of helping the school and community. If you are interested in joining this club or want to learn more, Mrs. Furrevig, the advisor of Student Council, and two students Sam A., and Morgan R. have taken the time to give their take on it.

Mrs. Furrevig explains Student Council as, “an extracurricular activity that enhances the student’s ability to help the community.” She says that this is her second year being the advisor for Student Council and that she is “very excited to listen to all the students’ ideas and passion to make Fords Middle School a better place.” As she talked more about Student Council and her feeling towards it, she mentions that “It takes a lot of time outside of school to organize all of this, it’s challenging to juggle being a mom, a cheer coach, and a teacher.”

If you are interested in joining, Mrs. Furrevig says that no student should be scared to get involved, this is a great way to reward yourself and the community. While anyone can join the Student Council, there are some certain expectations. This includes signed permission slips, satisfactory behaviors and grades, and no behavior points.

During this interview, she talks about her feelings and what’s planned for this year’s Student Council. Throughout the year, Student Council will be running and co-running many events, like The Big Pink Out, A Toy Drive, Food Drives, Donate Pet Supplies, and a Book Drive to the Homeless. “Just to name a few…” said Mrs. Furrevig.

Overall, Mrs. Furrevig says “I’m feeling ambitious, excited, and optimistic for this year. I know this year is going to be a great year!”

Now that you understand the teacher’s view on Student Council, here are some quotes from fellow Student Council members Sam Ayers and Morgan Ryan, who are both running for class president. They sat down to talk and they mentioned that this is not their first year being in student council. Sam has been in student council for three years, and Morgan is only on her second year. They said that while it is their last year here at FMS, they hope that this year will be their best. Sam Ayers says “This year is going to be better because there are more eighth graders that get the job done.”

Morgan adds on, “I think it’s going to be better for eighth graders because we get to be more involved, I hope to leave a more lasting impact than last year.”

During this time, both students shared their feeling towards student council, Morgan says “I think its great, it’s a great way to get the students involved with the school because we are the future and the fact that we can have an impact with our community.” Sam follows up by saying “ I think it’s a great opportunity to get real-world experience, especially if you’re looking to get a job in politics and it’s a great way to know people and build great relationships.”

They also talk about what they do in the Student Council, this includes “Meetings, talking about problems in our school, and figuring out ways to solve these problems. We also plan school events so we can allow more student involvement in the education enclosure.” Says Sam. Morgan goes on to say “Other than Sam said, we spend a lot of time panning possible events we can do in the future, we also spend a lot of time with our meetings so we can help the school.”

Overall, you should consider joining! This club gives you an amazing opportunity to be involved with your community like no other. So take their word for it and help your school and community. Remember, you are the future!