The Incredible Life of a Coach

Aliany V.

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If you are a cheerleader at FMS or even just a student, you should know Mrs. Furrevig, the FMS cheer coach and math teacher, together with Ms. Fenenic created the cheer team here at FMS

Mrs.Furrevig, a mom, teacher, and wife, who loves cheerleading, her cheerleading passion comes from having started at a young age.  She said, “My passion comes from when I was 5-years-old. I started cheerleading at the Pop Warner level right here in Woodbridge Township after 8th grade.”

She continued, “I wanted to go to Bishop Ahr high school in Edison because they had a competitive cheer team so left I left all my friends from middle school and I ventured into Bishop Ahr by myself. I didn’t know anybody, but then I tried out for cheerleading and it’s ironic because my freshmen year I didn’t make the team but I tried out again in my sophomore year and made junior varsity and then junior year I tried out and made varsity and then my senior year I was the captain of the cheerleading team.”

She said her family was not too much into cheer but she says, ”My cousin did it but didn’t like it but none of the family have been passionate as me,” When asked what word she would use to describe herself, Mrs. Furrevig said, “selfless.” Mrs.Furrevig and Ms.Fenenic were the ones that created the first cheer team at FMS they told Dr.Parry and he liked the idea and said yes.

She thinks many girls are afraid to try out for cheer, she says “cheer definitely has a bad rap a lot of girls think it’s intimidating and that they are afraid of not making the team”, she said that the message she would send to them is, “Set a goal and followed it and even if it doesn’t work at first don’t let that discourage you from trying out anywhere and doing what you want to follow your dreams”, These are the words from a kind person who is selfless and a good teacher who loves her students .