Dr. Parry

Nasir A.

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A school is only as great as its leader. Fords Middle School has been great over the last five years because its principal has super-duper qualities such as being an outstanding leader, being able to build relationships with others, and being fair and reasonable. In case you didn’t realize, this describes none other than Dr. Parry.

Being a leader takes a lot of responsibility such as giving advice.  Dr. Parry describes leadership as, “Knowing how to make yourself and others around you better and knowing how to make bonds with one another.” He gives advice to the teachers so their lessons can keep the students energized and motivated to learn. The advice he gives to the students is to “be the best you can be in anything you do and always make good choices.”

Also,  Dr. Parry doesn’t slouch around in his office. He goes around and bonds with the teachers and students. For example, he always greets the students in the hallway by name and asks “What’s up?’’ He talks to the teachers and students about things outside of school. For example, he talks to the students about their hobbies. This shows that he cares about the teachers and students.

Not to mention, being fair and reasonable is also one of Dr. Parry’s wonderful traits. He doesn’t tolerate students’ shenanigans, but he rewards the students for good behavior. For instance, he gave the eighth graders cookies after being fantastic for 25 days straight. Also, he believes in the PBSIS system, which stands for, Positive Behavior Support in Schools. It is a program that encourages students to display positive behavior.

Being a principal requires attributes such as being a world-class leader, connecting with students and staff, and being understanding. Fords Middle School is and always will be a wonderful school because of the one and only Dr. Parry.