Softball Player: Melany S.

Ariana P.

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Melany S. is a student at Fords Middle School. She is in 8th grade and on Team B, but the most important team she belongs to is the softball team.

Melany plays softball because she likes it more than other sports. She likes the plays and that she can show her skills to people watching. She can show off by catching and throwing the ball. Her dad encourages her to play softball because he used to play Major League Baseball and he wants her to be good like he was.

Melany learned to play softball when she was 9. Her dad coached her in her backyard. She has a net behind her house so that’s what helps her get better and that’s what she practices with. She’s been playing softball for 3 years now.

During tryouts, Melany wasn’t nervous because she was a little more experienced than the other girls. She practices softball with Ms. Heaney, and with her travel team. She usually plays 3rd base, and if not she’s catching the ball on the field. She said this year she wants to work on fielding because she gets scared to catch the ball sometimes.

She is excited about this year’s season because there are some good players selected on the team. She likes all the girls selected because they’re all nice, and they help each other learn and get better. That’s what being on a team is all about.