Should You Make Fortnite Micro-Transactions?

Brendon P.

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Fortnite is a free 100 player Battle Royale game. “Where you and 99 other people fight on a remote island were it’s only you to protect yourself from the other players” In the video game you have to fight, gather resources and build to protect yourself.

“But for any free game to make money they always offer sweet things that make your character look cool or give you a competitive advantage.” These upgrades are called microtransactions and can be purchased with in-game currency called V-Bucks. These V-Bucks are coins you can buy in the shop with real money in packs of 1000, 2500 + (300 BONUS), 6,000 (+1500 Bonus), Or 10,000 + (3,500 BONUS).

Millions and millions of people play this game and the question is should they buy V-Bucks? Fortnite does have this thing called a Battle Pass which is something they do every 2 months. This opportunity allows the purchaser to get some coo

l upgrades such as cosmetics and emotes for only $10. A surprisingly cheap amount to get over 90+ new items including cosmetics, skins, even emotes and sprays! Players can also buy a Battle Pass bundle that costs 2800 V-Bucks but also will get more in-game loot quicker than grinding it out like all the others. The way achieve the Battle Pass items after you buy them.

 Battle Pass is by playing the video game! Every week they have a new set of challenges you can complete for tiers that rank up the Battle Pass, so it gives more cosmetics the more someone plays.

You should buy the Battle Pass Or a skin because they are pretty cheap a skin usually cost around 5 to 10 dollars. which comes with a free skin 

and V-bucks for only for $5! There’s also a daily and weekly shop rotation that they change out every 2 days and they add new daily items every day. Here is one of the shop rotations for skins you can buy.

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Should You Make Fortnite Micro-Transactions?