Monster Legends

Anwar G.

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If you are the type of person who likes RPG games you are reading the right article. There is a game called Monster Legends which is a game where the player grows, feeds, collects, and fights using different monsters. This game was made by Social Point. Their base is in Barcelona which was founded in October 2008 by Horacio Martos and Andres Bou. They specialize in free-to-play mobile and social network games. They have made other games before like Dragon City and Social Empires. This game is also rated 9+ because of some of the things in the game.

There are also some people who like Dragon City better than Monster Legends and some people think the opposite of that. So, this is a good game to pass the time because of the breeding and hatching times and the stamina regeneration. So, in conclusion, this an amazing game that was only made by 360 employees.